Meet Your Coast Guard Reserve

This is the 21st post of a month-long question and answer series, introducing members of the Coast Guard’s Pacific Northwest Reserve Force and recognizing their contributions to our country and community.

Boatswain’s Mate Third Class Justin Adrian
U.S. Coast Guard Reserve
Coast Guard Station Seattle

BM3 Adrian 2

Q. What is your hometown?
A. Bremerton, Washington

Q. How long have you been in the Coast Guard?
A. I have been a reservist for two years, with no prior service or active duty.

Q. What made you want to join the Coast Guard?
A. When I was 14 or so, my dad brought my friend and I down to the waterfront because the Coast Guard brought one of their small boats to town for tours. At the time, I had no idea how much that day would be burned into my memory. After college, I considered joining the Coast Guard but that it didn’t come together. Several years later, my buddy found an interview I did with the college newspaper where I had stated my interest in potentially joining the Coast Guard. I talked to my wife and she said, “Sure, why not?” The rest is history.

Q. Have you been deployed since joining the reserves?
A. I have not yet deployed.

Q. What are some of your responsibilities while drilling?
A. My current responsibilities include getting fully qualified as a boat crew member, so I can actively participate in our missions.

BM3 Adrian 1Q. What does a typical drill day look like?
A. typical drill involves mustering around 2 p.m., where our Chief and BM1 will pass down any pertinent information and we then spend some time addressing any administrative issues. After that, we typically get underway to work on boat crew qualifications.

Q. What’s your most memorable experience since being in the Coast Guard?
A. Boatswain’s Mate “A” school felt like college all over again, which was filled with lots of learning and bonding with shipmates.

Q. What is your occupation outside of the Coast Guard?
A. I own and manage residential real estate.

Q. What challenges do you face while balancing Coast Guard and civilian life?
A. Working for and running a small business is no easy task. I am constantly on call for my civilian job. Even when I drill, I might have to field calls or direct some of my guys to manage tasks for me.

Q. Are there any skills you’ve learned through the Coast Guard that you apply to your civilian job and vice versa?
A. Patience.

Q. How does being in the reserves impact the service as a whole?
A. We are there to help take the burden off of the active duty crews when they need us.

BM3 Adrian 3 cropped small

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