From the Helm: Welcome to Coast Guard Pacific Northwest

RADM R.T. Gromlich, commander, Coast Guard 13th District

By Rear Adm. Richard T. Gromlich, commander, Coast Guard 13th District

People often forget facts and figures, but stories stay with us. The patrol that was completed, the crewman who became qualified, the buoy that was worked, the inspection that was conducted, the oil that wasn’t spilled, the wildlife that was protected, the fisherman that was saved, the logger that was airlifted, the crew of the vessel that was rescued and the children that were shown around the unit.

Those stories happen everyday. They are punctuated by the harrowing search and rescue cases you see on the news, but there is so much more to your Coast Guard. With the Coast Guard Pacific Northwest blog we intend to provide a window into the larger issues, the day to day, the gamut of missions and the people who make it all happen here in the 13th District.

Stories and experiences not only shape our crews, but they shape our Coast Guard, and furthermore, they shape the greater conversation that informs our public and our decision makers. Everything done or said, whether in public or at home, in the office or on social media, is how we tell that story.

Imagery often elicits emotion and is remembered much longer than what we write or say. Some of the most important events in recent history are marked with iconic photos. To that end we will continue to bring you engaging photos and video.

As we document our missions and share them we will continue to demonstrate our commitment to mariners and the public while furthering the understanding of what we do each day and why it is important.

Our goal is to communicate inspiring information about our work that builds community support and moves people to positive action. However, communication only works for those who work at it. It is my hope that as we share our stories you will find them informative and entertaining and that each of you will share them further. Together we can build understanding between each other, and the communities in which we live and serve.

I am forever thankful for the dedication and professionalism of our Coast Guard men and women who serve here in the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to sharing our efforts with you and show you why I am continually inspired by our people.

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